A40 MAGIC is an Corrosion Inhibitor, Lubricant and Multi Purpose Protector aerosol Spray. It’s special formula it combines many properties such as cleaning, lubricating, loosening rusted part, driving out moisture. It can be used in industrial, home and daily labors.


•  Ultimate penetrating ability
•  Loosens rusted or corroded bolts, nuts, cables and any other fasteners.
•  Greases and loosens door and window hinges, locks, and other fittings.
•  Decreases frictions and stops squeaks of pedals, chairs, windows, faucets and hinges.
•  Does not contain silicon and any dirty trap additives.
•  Penetrates into humidity, drives it out of surface and dries it fast, thus provides longtime lubricating effect.
•  Protects metal parts against rust.
•  Provides maintenance by penetrating into surface and protects it against dirt.
•  Dissolves tar, gum, adhesive etc.
•  Permeates into grease and dirt and creates a protective film layer on the surface.


•  In all fittings, door and window mechanisms, locks, handles, hinges.
•  For annulling humidity on metallic surfaces of bikes, motorbikes, small motor vehicles,
electronic contacts and other home tools such as drills, jigsaws, etc.
•  For loosening and activating rusted and jammed mechanisms.
•  Can be used as protective on surfaces vulnerable to water and rust.
•  For dissolving adhesive materials like tar, gum, adhesive tapes etc.
•  Can be used for cleaning and maintenance of weapons.